Solar Energy

We, OSF Ltd, take our environmental, social, and economic, commercial, responsibilities very seriously. We have therefore taken the brave decision to install 408.7m2 of solar panels at our main manufacturing premises in Four Ashes, Wolverhampton.


  1. Solar energy produces no pollution. The sun’s abundant power is an unlimited source of energy that does not harm the ozone layer. Industrial solar energy systems are an investment in the future of the planet that can help to keep non-renewable energy sources and protect the environment.
  2. Reducing our carbon footprint and fossil fuel consumption is more relevant every day for saving the planet. Unlike fossil fuel, solar panels generate electricity with no air or carbon pollution and no ash or other waste products.
  3. Reduced air pollution from our manufacturing processes.
  4. Contribute to the reduction in the consumption of water used by traditional electricity generation.
  5. Mitigating climate change.


  • As a business we use large amounts of electricity to power equipment and the best way to control our costs is to find alternative energy sources, like solar energy. This will reduce the impact of soaring energy costs and enable us to maintain our value for money initiative. The short and long-term operating expenses will be lower than comparable buildings that do not have solar panels.
  • The new generation of procurers are particularly interested in buying from green and sustainable companies.
  • Choosing to switch to renewable energy while it is quite new will position our company as a forward-thinking and innovative business. From which our customers will benefit.

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By using solar power OSF demonstrates its commitment to the Corporate social responsibility (CSR), a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. At the same time it demonstrates our commitment, responsibility and due diligence to our ISO accreditation.